Terms & Conditions for Stutton

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please read and disseminate to all of your ‘guns’)

1. Shoot:ing will be for teams of ‘guns’ as agreed, with assembly at The Guns Room, Stutton Hall by 8:30am each shoot day for briefing and a 9:00am prompt start, unless otherwise agreed. A ‘collection/sweep’ will be taken and the proceeds will be split 50/50 between the winner and 1 of the 2 following charities, Help for Heroes or The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

2. A midday or end of day luncheon will be held at The Guns Room or in the field and will be provided in the cost, including alcoholic sustenance.

3. It is the intention of the Stutton Hall to give the best possible sport available in traditional surroundings and to ensure that the shooting will be as evenly distributed as possible to make for everyone’s enjoyment. 6 x rounds of non-lead shot (except steel) should be carried by each ‘gun’ for duck, snipe, coot, moorhen and golden plover. Guns are to be carried unloaded and in slips between drives.

4. It is the ‘guns’ responsibility to make sure that he/she is both experienced and competent and, above all, safe in the handling and operation of the shotgun in his/her possession and that the recognised shooting etiquette is strictly observed to ensure maximum possible enjoyment by all. Novice/inexperienced ‘guns’ must be accompanied by a competent instructor/minder. The wearing of ear defenders and eye protection is strongly recommended.

5. ‘Guns’ are required to carry full third party liability insurance cover and to be in possession of a current Shotgun Certificate/Overseas Visitors’ Certificate and are encouraged to be members of a recognised Field Sports Organisation. No liability shall be accepted by the Stutton Hall in respect of death, injury, illness, damage or accident to person(s) or property, however arising, to person(s) who enter on the ‘shoot’ entirely at their own risk. 

6. Insurance for shoot cancellation (for any reason) personal liability cover is a group and/or individual responsibility. In the event of a cancellation by Stutton Hall, you will be offered an alternative date.

7. The ‘bag’ takes into account ‘guns’ of average ability and weather, we expect an average team to shoot at a ratio of 3:1. Sufficient drives will be planned to produce a reasonable ‘bag’, but ‘guns’ being over selective or not taking reasonable opportunities will not be compensated or have extra drives. ‘Guns’ are asked to mark down birds carefully, pick what they can and collect up empty cartridge cases. Only fibre wad or photo-degradable cartridges are to be used.

8. We allow for 10% overage and 10% underage. 

9. The price will include provision for the beaters, elevenses, lunch for all the guns. Invoices will be prepared and settled on the day for any extra lunches and drinks for guests observing the shooting. Any minders or loaders will be settled with by the end of the day, personally between the gun loader/minder. Suggested fee for loaders/minders, £50.

10. NO ground game i.e. foxes, hares, rabbits, wounded game to be shot unless otherwise agreed. NO protected bird or animal species are to be shot.

11. All pickers-up and beaters will be under the control of the keepers. Interference with their work is unbeneficial.

12. Any dangerous, potentially dangerous or un-sportsman like behaviour that is deemed by the management to be detrimental to the shoot or any participants, will be dealt with accordingly and may include the end of participation for that day or for the future. In the event of any gun being excluded for the day he/she will be expected to join the beating team for the rest of that day. In this event no refund will be payable.